Roma Agrawal

Structural Engineer

Roma, a structural engineer who spent 6 years working on The Shard, is described as "the new voice of women talking about science and engineering and making it cool" by The Telegraph. A multiple award winner, she has appeared as an expert in documentaries (The Tallest Tower, Britain Beneath your Feet, The Missing Evidence) and is a new addition to the One Show team on the BBC, in UK broadsheets and magazines; on the BBC and ITV. Roma has given two TEDx talks about engineering, and was selected as a 'Leading Lady' in the 2014 M&S advertising campaign.

Outside work, she actively promotes engineering, scientific and technical careers to young people and particularly to under-represented groups such as women. Her book Built - The Hidden Stories Behind Our Structures was recently published by Bloomsbury and showcases the amazing people and challenges which have been solved through history to create our modern world. Find out more at and @RomaTheEngineer.

Roma Agrawal
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